Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Biscuit Baking Mix

I make biscuits from scratch.  They’re too easy to cheat.  My friend made a crustless quiche that was really fantastic, so I asked for the recipe, and it included biscuit mix.  Since I had no intention of using a whole box, I looked up a recipe.  Easy peasy.  I only made .83 of the original recipe, because who needs 11 cups of biscuit mix?  Crazy!

You will need

 ¾ cup, 1 Tbsp, and 1 tsp organic flour ($4.99 per 5 lb, $4.99/80 oz = $.06 x 4.58oz = $.29)

2 tsp baking powder ($1.79 per 10oz, $1.79/59.06tsp = $.03 x 2tsp = $.06)

½ tsp sugar ($2.99 per 5 lb, $2.99/80oz = $.04 x .08oz = less than $.01)

1/8 tsp salt ($.47 per 26oz, $.47/30.69tsp = .02 x .125tsp = less than $.01)

1 Tbsp and 2 tsp vegetable oil ($2.79 per 32fl.oz, $2.79/32fl.oz = $.09 x .83fl.oz = $.07)

Mix all the powdered ingredients together in a bowl.  Add vegetable oil and mix it in with your fingers till it feels crumbly.  

The line up-

Vegetable oil feels so soft and lovely when you're mixing it into the flour.
The quiche turned out wonderfully.  I can’t speak for making actual biscuits from this stuff, I imagine they are passable, but why not make real ones?

Try It

$.43 for about .78cup, or $.55/cup

Buy It

$3.79 for a 40oz (8.75 cups) box of Jiffy Biscuit Baking mix, or $.43/cup


Even though it’s more expensive to do so, I will continue to Try It because it’s really fast and easy and I use it so infrequently.

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