Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Even though I generally like to use a sisal bath scrubber when I’m in the shower, there is definitely a place for a good exfoliating scrub.  I use one sparingly, but I like to use it when my hands are feeling particularly rough, or after a wax.  The last time I bought a scrub I thought the price was outrageous.  I bought it anyway, and it did last a long time, though it separated every time so it got thinner and oilier with every use.

Setting out to make one, I wanted a recipe that was simple, and a scrub that was coarse.  I also wanted it to be a sugar based scrub, as I’ve never liked the idea of rubbing salt into my skin when I never know if I’ve got a cut on my hand, and my skin is naturally dry.  With all that in mind, I found a very simple recipe on ehow, which I cut in half.

You will need

¾ cup turbinado sugar ($2.39 per lb, $2.39 x .375lb = $.89)

¼ cup coarse sea salt ($2.15 per 22oz, $2.15/43.37Tbsp = $.05 x 4 Tbsp = $.20)

¼ cup coconut oil ($9.99 per 14 fl oz, $9.99/14oz = $.71 x 2oz = $1.43)
sugar and salt mixed together.  Isn't it pretty?
If you've never worked with coconut oil before, it is solid at room temperature.

Mix together the salt and sugar.  Add in the coconut oil, and mix with your hands to combine. 

I microwaved the coconut oil for 15 seconds before getting it out of the jar to soften it enough to measure properly.  When it was mixed, I gave my hands a good scrubbing, washed them, and put the mixture in an old salsa jar.

It smelled so good I wanted to eat it!
I really like it.  It’s very coarse, so if you’d rather, switch to a finer grit- like regular salt and granulated sugar.  It has just the right amount of coconut fragrance, and my hands feel great.  This small jar will last me a very long time!

Try It

$2.52 for 10oz, or $.25/oz.

Buy It

$12.99 for 9oz of Hugo Naturals Brown Sugar and Kumquat, or $1.06/oz.


It was much cheaper than store bought and could easily be modified for your preferences.  It only took five minutes to make, and I loved the way my hands smelled and felt when I used it.  Definitely Try It.

NEXT WEEK: S'mores Granola Bars!

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