Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thin Wheat Crackers

We eat a lot of Wheat Thins in this house, generally accompanied by hummus or cheese, but also just by themselves.  I was a little nervous about making these because we are all so fond of the store bought variety, but I thought  it was worth a shot.  I followed this recipe from Allrecipes.
Ingredients, ready to go
You will need
1 ¾ cups stone ground organic wheat flour ($1.39 per lb $1.39 x .656 lb = $.91)
1 ½ cups organic all purpose flour ($1.39 per lb, $1.39 x .516 lb = $.72)
2 tsp salt ($.79 per 26 oz, $.79/122.75 tsp = .006 x 2 = $.01)
1/3 vegetable oil ($2.49 per qt, $2.49/ 12 1/3 c servings = $.21
Mix it all up
Roll it out and transfer to a baking sheet
The secret to these is rolling them very thin, and baking them till they are decently dark.  If they aren’t thin or crispy enough they taste like salty cardboard.  Baking them for 25 to 30 minutes lets all the moisture out and allows the wheat flavor to shine.  The recipe says it will all fit on one sheet, which is what I did, but they were too thick.  The edge pieces were good, but the center was too thick, and too cardboardish.  Someone on the site recommended a pasta roller which sounds like a really good idea, but I don’t have one.  There also bands you can buy to put n your rolling pin to ensure even thickness, but I don't have those, either.
Score the dough into small crackers, poke it all over with a fork, and throw some salt on it.
once they're cool, break them on the score marks and enjoy with your favorite dip
Try It:
One batch cost $1.85, for about 20 oz, or $.09/oz
Buy It:
A Family Size box of Wheat Thins cost $4.49, or $.28/oz
They’re not my favorite.  I would Try It once, and see how you like it.  They’re so easy and cheap you won’t set you back anything, but I don’t know if I’ll make them again, I’d rather Buy It.
Anyone have a better cracker they’d like to share?


  1. If you're really wedded to Wheat Thins, you should probably stick with Wheat Thins. But if you make your own crackers, you can add herbs, seeds, Parmesan cheese etc. to them, which is a nice change. Either add to the dough or sprinkle on top before baking. Yum!

  2. Something to think about - they don't sell wheat thins in other countries (at least not in Chile) so its definitely a Try It for me! now i just have to figure out where I can get my hands on some chickpeas to make hummus and we'll be in business!

  3. Also, shouldn't the vanilla you made be ready by now? have you tested it out on anything?

  4. They're also called garbanzo beans, by the way. Yes, the vanilla is ready, I just have to test it against the store bought variety before I post about it!