Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Homemade Ornaments

Last year my sisters and I switched our annual gift from a night out to dinner together to an ornament exchange.  The night out was really hard to give up, but since we’re now scattered in Michigan; New York; Santiago, Chile; and Virginia, it’s just no longer feasible (if you are my sister reading this, this is a hint for you to move closer!!).  On the bright side, all of us enjoy crafting, and we all have pretty different styles, so it was exciting to see what each person came up with!

My favorites were Sara’s.  She wrapped toy animals in cotton yarn so just the head and legs were sticking out.  
Night out Christmas '08!  Good times, bad picture.
Mine is the felt heart (remember my Valentine’s post with the left over felt?  This is what it’s leftover from).  My sisters and I play a lot of cards-  A LOT of cards.  So I made each of us a suit.  

I think they came out pretty nicely, but I need to work on my embroidery skills.
Since I made them so long ago and didn’t take pictures, I can’t do a visual step by step, but I can break down the process.

You will need

1 sheet red felt ($.29)

I sheet black felt ($.29)

Red and black embroidery floss ($.99 each, $.99 x 2 = $1.98)

A small amount of stuffing (snagged from my mother's stash, free)

Tacky Glue (leftover from who knows what, free)

Search Google Images for a clip art of the shape of your ornament.  Print out and size it properly for both the main body and the overlaying color.  Cut out the shape and trace around it on your felt so you have two of the larger size and one of the smaller size.  Center the smaller shape onto one of the larger shapes and glue it on, leaving a little space around the edges.  Stitch around the smaller shape using a blanket stitch with two embroidery threads at a time.  (at this point, you can also embroider anything on the other large shape if you wish.  I wrote "2011".)

Now put the two big shapes together, right sides out.  Machine sew together leaving a gap big enough to stuff.  Stuff the shape to desired fullness.  Sew the remaining gap shut.  Blanket stitch around the larger shape.  Add a loop of embroidery floss to hang it by. 

I got my inspiration from a $2 Target ornament.  I went by this year and saw a lot of homemade-looking ornaments that I know I could make better.  It’s a good starting point if you feel overwhelmed. 

I’m pretty stoked about my ornaments this year, but I guess you’ll have to wait till next Christmas to see them!  I’ll remember to document them this time…

Try It
$2.56 for 4 ornaments, or $.64 each.

Buy It 
Inspiration ornament from Target was $2.

Try It if it's your style.  Homemade ornaments in my opinion make the tree.  My husband tells me I have an unusual taste for what belongs on a tree, but I'd rather look at a tree of memories and love from friends and family than one that looks thought out any day.

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