Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping Bag

In case you don’t have enough shopping bags (I have a bazillion), I saw this pin on pinterest on how to make them out of T-shirts.  Genius!  This is a great way to use and display all those ill fitting but sentimentally important shirts cluttering your closet (I’m not the only one, right?)
The first ever sister trip in Dublin, OH!  Good times.

You will need

1 T-shirt (gifted- free)

 Thread (left over- free)

Scissors (found- free)
Elizabeth helped.
You don't even need to use a straight edge, just go for it.

Lay your shirt out nice and flat.  Cut off the arms.  Cut the neck lower than the original neckline.  The lower you cut, the larger the opening to the bag is.

Flip your shirt inside out, and sew along the bottom hem.  Flip right side out.  Fill with merchandise (or gifts).
I'm always showing off my not quite stellar sewing skills!

That took all of 5 minutes!
Try It


Buy It

My everyday set of shopping bags are a mix of free canvas bags and these tough guys from Reisenthel (a gift from my sister Margaret back in 2006), which sell for between $5 and $6.99 each.


A great idea, and it would make for some interesting gift wrapping, but I’m a little too attached to my Reisenthels.  I say Try It if you’re low on bags, looking to use your favorite/terrible shirts, or are trying to be a hipster.

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  1. I love this, especially because I too, have ill fitting shirts that I can't throw out. I'm gonna try this! (and NOT because I'm trying to be a hipster, but because I bought all my stuffable bags at the same time, and therefore are all breaking at the same time too)