Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vanilla Syrup

I ran out of vanilla syrup for my coffee.  Okay, not the end of the world, but coffee my daily indulgence, and I like it with real ½ & ½ and vanilla.  I thought about buying a bottle, but it’s not cheap, and as simple as simple syrup is, I thought why not? 

I did a search, and everyone basically agreed that vanilla syrup is just vanilla extract (or vanilla beans), sugar, and water.  The proportions were a little different in each, but it doesn’t matter much.  This project was made even easier by my cousin Kelly of Mix Bakery who left me a bunch of stuff left over from making cupcakes for my little sister’s wedding this past weekend!  So this project was actually free to me.  Thanks Kelly!

You will need

2 cups sugar ($2.75 per 5lb, $2.75/80oz = $.03 x 7.5oz = $.26 x 2 = $.52)

1 cup water (free)

1 tsp vanilla extract ($.01 per ml, $.01 x 4.92ml = $.05)

Before heating..
...and after.  It doesn't need to bubble any more than this. 

Heat the water and sugar over medium low heat stirring frequently until the water has started to boil, the sugar has dissolved, and the water looks clear, not cloudy.  Take the syrup off the heat and add the vanilla.
Tastes delicious!    
I thought it would fit in a pint jar, but I got a 1/3 of a cup extra!  Looking forward to my morning cup tomorrow.
Try It

$.57 for 18.64fl.oz, or $.03/fl.oz.

Buy It

$7.99 for 25.4fl.oz, or $.31/fl.oz.


Fastest thing I’ve made yet, and I will definitely Try It from now on!  Sub this vanilla for the chocolate syrup in the Frozen Mocha, and you’ve got a cheap frozen vanilla latte, add it to a Coke like they do at Waffle House, or add it to coffee or tea for a cheap treat.  Lovely.  Vanilla not your thing?  Add a different extract like almond, mint, or raspberry.

NEXT WEEK: French Dressing!

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  1. Kelly reminded me that SHE was the one to polish off my vanilla syrup in the first place. Ha!